How to Get Started with CloudForge Development Platform in Pivotal CloudFoundry PaaS

CollabNet’s CloudForge is a collaborative software development platform providing source code management (version control), issue tracking, and agile planning for all personal and professional projects. Full role-based user administration and directory-level access controls allow you to easily manage your development process across distributed teams, both large and small. CloudForge’s inclusion in the CloudFoundry marketplace allows you to quickly set up your projects and teams, leaving more time to focus on developing, building, and testing your applications in a collaborative SDLC framework before deploying them to CloudFoundry. CloudForge is available in all CloudFoundry marketplaces among the various applications you might want to … LEARN MORE »

CloudForge Joins Pivotal CloudFoundry PaaS Ecosystem

CloudForge in CloudFoundry Ecosystem

CloudForge and CloudFoundry Accelerate Application Development Great news for cloud developers! CloudForge joins Pivotal CloudFoundry PaaS Ecosystem.  Have you heard of Pivotal’s CloudFoundry? In a short amount of time, Cloud Foundry has become a leader among all the open source platform as a service (PaaS) initiatives. Cloud Foundry is an open platform-as-a-service, providing a choice of clouds, developer frameworks and application services. It makes it faster and easier to build, test, deploy and scale web and mobile applications. Cloud Foundry is available through a variety of private cloud distributions and public cloud instances, including Vmware’s vSphere, Amazon Web Services, Open … LEARN MORE »

CloudForge Security Is Rated Enterprise Ready by Skyhigh CloudTrust™ Program

CloudTrust Program

Experts following cloud adoption confirm that security remains the single biggest barrier to cloud adoption. This puts the burden on developers and engineering management to evaluate the security capabilities and practices of their cloud partners which can be an expensive, and time-consuming effort. CloudForge Architecture Built to Take Security Seriously Security is a critical factor when selecting a cloud development platform, and every day, the CloudForge team is asked by prospective customers if CloudForge security can keep their customers’ data private and protected.   The answer is a resounding YES!  CloudForge takes security seriously and has built a robust enterprise-ready architecture … LEARN MORE »

TeamForge Project 7.0 on CloudForge Development Platform Is Now Available!

TeamForge 7.0 on CloudForge Webinar

In May, the CloudForge software development platform made TeamForge available to all plans & projects allowing all users to take advantage of Agile, bug and issue tracking, wikis, file sharing and document management that TeamForge Project offers.  This has been a tremendous success as close to 5,000 customers are now enjoying the power of TeamForge. CollabNet continues to improve the user experience for TeamForge Project with Release 7.0. Available on September 16th, release 7.0 includes adaptive planning boards for Agile/hybrid product and release planning. These graphical planning boards are fully integrated with TeamForge and allow work items to become actionable with … LEARN MORE »

TeamForge: An Essential Cog Driving CloudForge


Recently, we opened up our CloudForge platform to allow unlimited free TeamForge projects; previously only available to CloudForge Agile Enterprise subscribers. This alone represents a big leap forward in the functionality available within CloudForge: issue tracking, document storage, wiki, and discussion forums within a single platform integrated with subversion and Git. However, we also took this opportunity to make a few sizable changes in our implementation of TeamForge to better integrate TeamForge with CloudForge and improve your user experience. The first new feature that users will encounter is single sign-on (SSO) between CloudForge and TeamForge. Whereas CloudForge has been the administrative … LEARN MORE »

TeamForge for Free…That’s Right, Free. With CloudForge.

CloudForge Project

  Tuesday was a big day for CollabNet. We announced some long-planned disruptive changes to CloudForge™ pricing and packaging.  A key component of these changes was making TeamForge® available as an entry point to all CloudForge users.  The initial feedback on this development has been extremely positive with strong press, analyst and partner feedback as well as large spikes in both new and free users. Of course, CollabNet continues to ride the market wave of development and deployment moving to the public and privately managed cloud.  But we’ve had CloudForge for a while, so this begs the question as to “what’s different?”  Basically, … LEARN MORE »

Introducing CollabNet GitEye

GitEye Logo

Today I have the pleasure of announcing a new graphical client for Git that we have been working on — CollabNet GitEye. GitEye is a Java GUI client for Git written on top of the Eclipse RCP framework. We are providing downloads for Windows, OSX and Linux though we can theoretically produce builds for a few other operating systems as well if the demand is there. Leveraging the Eclipse RCP framework allows us to provide a native GUI experience on all of these different operating systems, while still benefiting from the cross platform nature of Java. This approach also allows … LEARN MORE »

Need a quick fix? Simple solutions to SVN, TeamForge and Git


Support sees quite a few issues, and while impossible to solve everything immediately (or through a blog I may be writing), I’ve found some common issues that you may encounter while wrangling code on CloudForge: – TeamForge login: Do you have a long domain name? While we mention that you must use the ‘domain_username’ structure for logging in, what you might not know is that we’ll truncate login names longer than 32 characters. For example: if I have the organization ‘excellentbusinessorganization’ and my username is ‘jesseyowell’, you will see under the TeamForge login page that your login name may be … LEARN MORE »

Tips on Git: De-fanging ‘Git Push’


Ever had Git commit a branch you didn’t intend? % git co branch-1 % (workee workee workee) % (interrupt) % git ci -am”Half the change of the primary task” % git co branch-2 % (workee workee workee) % git ci -am”The whole change of the interrupt % git push babble babble babble 9e7f6d7..35935af branch-1 -> branch-1 ccb352f..66c8c36 branch-2 -> branch-2 Oh no! Not branch1! It’s not finished yet!!! What Git has just done is technically called “push by matching”: any branches in your repo that have names matching branches in the origin repo get pushed. The confusing thing here is … LEARN MORE »

Beginning a CloudForge Git client using Thor and Interact gems


One of the advantages to blogging is the opportunity to play with and write about technologies that I don’t normally interact with day-to-day. This is especially true of many of the great gems available for Ruby. Building on Jack’s blog post about extending CloudForge via the API I decided to play with a few gems I haven’t had a chance to play with yet: Thor and Interact. gem install thor interact Thor is an awesome toolkit for building robust command-line interfaces (CLIs). It’s somewhat similar to Rake but provides more structure specific for DRY command-line scripting. It’s also an essential … LEARN MORE »

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